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Human Resource Outsourcing Services

John with a Client        When your employees are on our payroll, instead of yours, you are relieved of a myriad of government mandated responsibilities. You'll never see another quarterly report, workers' compensation claim or garnishment. But there is more - you receive the services of a complete professional Human Resource department.

You won't be left worrying or wondering, "Did I break a law?" "Can I say that?" or "What should I do?" MAGUS provides the help and advice to get you through the toughest workplace situations. The result is: Peace of Mind.

 HR SUPPORT - Getting the most for your hard earned dollar

       MAGUS Corporation is the only employee leasing firm in the area offering 24/7 (seven day a week, twenty four hour a day) human resource consulting support to its clients. This service is free of charge. Just ask any consultant what they charge per hour & you can calculate your savings.

Better yet, unlike an outside consultant, we know your business, all the staff and how you operate. You or your managers can seek assistance with all the difficult work place issues: harassment, conflict resolution, performance & discipline problems, attendance, involuntary termination, etc. You'll limit your liability against employee law suits, when you do things right.

Our highly trained staff is here to serve you.

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