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How PEO's & Employee Leasing Works

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) provides an integrated approach to the management and administration of your company's human resources. MAGUS Corporation's services lower your employer risk by assuming substantial parts of the employer responsibilities. Employee leasing is a smart, cost effective method of outsourcing much of the human resource function.

Designed mainly for small to mid-sized business that do not have the need or resources for a dedicated human resources department, this approach will work for you.
    How our PEO Program Works
  • You simultaneously "dismiss" your employees.
  • MAGUS Corporation immediately hires the same employees.
  • We then lease them to your company.
  • Then MAGUS assumes responsibility for major employer responsibilities - from pay checks, quarterly taxes, benefit plans, etc. - to human resource support, detailed record keeping, workers' comp reports  . . .  everything.
  • Plus, MAGUS stays on top of all the labor law changes for you.
  • When you need new workers, we help you recruit the best candidates. We can advise you on all the rules for interviews, drug testing and hiring.
  • Then MAGUS makes sure every employee has a thorough orientation and on-the-job follow-up.
  • Your only job: write a single check to MAGUS each payroll period.
Employee Leasing with MAGUS is: 
Better Easier Safer

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