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Section 125 Flexible Spending Plans

       MAGUS is always looking for creative and cost effective options to better serve employees and keep clients on the cutting edge. Access to a fully functioning Section 125 is one such benefit package.

Employees using the Section 125 save thousands of dollars in taxes each year. The result is a happier workforce with more money their pockets.


     A Section 125 Flexible Spending Plan is provided for all regular full-time employees (30+hrs/wk) after a waiting period of 60 days. Employees may deduct money from each paycheck pretax for specific expenses. Yes, this means that the money so designated is tax free!

Section 125 Plans allow employees to estimate the coming year's medically related expenses and set aside dollars each pay day. This money can then be used to pay for both planned and emergency expenses with tax free dollars.

These plans also allow employees to pay the premiums for coverage on spouse and children with tax free dollars.

Child care & elder care expenses also qualify for inclusion in the tax free category. Up to $6000 per plan year can be set aside to pay for such care needs.

Other Magus Employment Benefits

Medical, Dental & Life Insurance Plans

  • Health Insurance Plans - Medical insurance coverage is provided for all regular full-time employees (30+ hrs./wk) after a 60 day waiting period. Medical coverage includes: vision, prescription, mail service prescription drug program, mental health, drug & alcohol rehabilitation and alternative care.

  • Dental Insurance Plans - Dental insurance coverage is provided for all regular full-time employees (30+ hrs/wk) after a 60 day waiting period.

  • Life and AD&D Insurance - Term Life insurance and AD&D is provided for all regular full-time employees (30+hr/wk) after a 60 day waiting period.

  • Benefit Programs for Employees

  • 401k Pension Plans - A 401(k) Pension Plan is provided for all employees of participating groups who have been on the payroll at least three months.

  • Paid Leave, Holidays & Vacation Time - Minimum levels of paid time off are set by Magus and clients may define additional time appropriate to their needs and industry.

  • Other Perks & Benefits - Some additional benefits are Price Costco cards, free checking and savings accounts, credit union memberships and more.
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